Any tabletop roleplaying game. You want to play it, bring it along and run it. It doesn't matter whether it's a mainstream system like Dungeons & Dragons, an indie game such as Apocalypse World, or something entirely of your own design. We welcome published and unpublished one-shot scenarios, free-form role-playing, and everything in between.

Game Submission

Games can be submitted in advance via the submission form and will be added to this page. But you can just pitch up with a game on the day and offer it then too!

If you're offering a game, please note that you're still responsible for writing your own sign-up sheet; we don't create them for you. You can download a blank sign-up sheet or create your own custom sheet.

Player Sign-up

Player sign-up will take place on the day, before each game slot. You may want to learn more about our signup system.

Game Schedule

The schedule for Concrete Cow 24 is in progress, with games being added as they are submitted. Additional games may also be offered on the day.

(Here's some of what was on offer at Concrete Cow 23.5.)

Morning Games (10am-1.30pm)

Who Ate All The Pies?

Your team of monster hunters drives around America visiting different places and solving their monster problems. Somehow, wherever you go, you always seem to be able to find a friendly diner or motel where you can get the lowdown on what's going on in this place. You've just rolled into a new town in Louisiana, passing signs advertising the upcoming town fair, which promises craft stalls, entertainers, and the annual pie eating contest. You could all use a few nights R&R, and maybe this is the place?

System: Monster of the Week (PBTA)
GM: Sue Savage
Number of players: 4
Notes: Age 18+, Buffy/Supernatural style monster hunting, cannibalism, gore

In Its Shadow

Foretold is a way of playing narrative story games driven by a series of prompts; following in the footsteps of games like For The Queen, Women Are Werewolves and In a Wicked Age, the prompts for the story are determined by drawing cards from a deck. You can use any ordinary deck of playing cards with a Foretold game, with the only additional materials needed being these rules to guide you through the game-play.

This iteration of Foretold is a dark tale of Hunters tracking down the supernatural Beast who has dragged its long shadow across the land, bringing darkness in its wake. Taking inspiration from Dracula, this is a tale in which the Hunters have a personal reason for pursuing their prey and all bear the shadow of the Beast themselves.

System: Foretold
GM: James Mullen
Number of players: 4
Notes: Safety Tools: Open Table, Lines & Veils, Pause Button

Play, Repeat, Return

Mikaelson family live on an isolated farmstead to the west of Meadow Lakes, Alaska. The farm and family make their money through the long summer days, growing world record sized vegetables and fruit. On the 23rd of June, during a nice Summer evening, the family dozed off to sleep as they would any other day. Their rest is filled with vivid dreams, dreams of being dragged around the house by their feet, before being bathed in visual static. When they awake it is far too dark and cold to be a day in Summer, and a harsh winds raging outside. Has a blizzard hit during summer, or have they been pulled through time? The investigators must uncover the truth and overcome a plot that keeps repeating itself.

System: Call of Cthulhu
GM: David Gibson
Number of players: 4
Notes: Safety Tools: Open Table, Lines & Veils, Pause Button

Stray God Strut

A lost god is wandering the streets of Ankh-Morpork. You are agents of the Temple of Small Gods, so you have to find religion - specifically, you have to find his.

System: Discworld RPG (GURPS)
GM: Phil Masters
Number of players: 5

Women Are Werewolves

"Women Are Werewolves" is a diceless, GMless, card based storytelling RPG. Players take the role of nonbinary members of a family that believes that only "Women" transform into wolves during the full moon.

The game explores gender, familial relationships and tradition and how these things interact. It is also a game about identity and self discovery in a family environment that might not understand or accept who you are.

Characters will be created at the beginning of the session. The minimum number of players for this game is 1 and the maximum is 5 including the facilitator.

System: Women Are Werewolves
GM: Sarah Dovey
Number of players: 4
Notes: Safety Tools will be in place during this game including the X card, Lines and Veils and Open Table. The game explores LGBTQ+ themes.
Content Warnings include : Potential Misgendering of NPCs and PCs (the degree to which this happens or if this happens at all to PCs is controlled by the players themselves), family dynamics and potential familial estrangements, discussion of gender stereotypes and micro aggressions.

Crypt Crawl (Playtest)

The Duchy is in decline. Some mention God forsaking the land , some mention the corruption of the Duke, the more zealous mention the end times.

You find yourselves in Journey's End, a village close to the Cursed Lands, a place you are forbidden to visit. However, you all have a reason to visit, be it Curiosity, Greed, Honour or Escape.

Sitting around a campfire, you start to talk...

System: PbtA/FitD Mash-up Heartbreaker
GM: Piers Connolly
Number of players: 4
Notes: This is a game about exploring a world that you narrate. High player agency
Adult themes, horror, violence, cruelty, dirty fingernails - pre-session discussion of limits

Afternoon Games (2.30pm-6.30pm)

Watford Paranormal

Themed from the Wellington Paranormal TV series part created by Taika Waititi, this is the Watford Equivalent. I'm stripping away the Americana of the series and running it as a one shot. In this case it's also more comedic. Uses the player centric mystery solving mechanic where you put the clues together to work out whats going on.

System: Public Access
GM: Robin Poole
Number of players: 5

Tamir and the Palace of Dreams

When a jump to the Dabaran system goes wrong, the crew of the Unniyarcha find themselves lost in the dark between the stars. A radio signal gives them hope of rescue, but is this apparent paradise all it seems at first?

Coriolis is described by its designers as the "Arabian Nights in space" and combines space-opera action with a middle-eastern folktale aesthetic. This scenario is released by Free League as a convention demo so is accessible for new players looking to try out the Coriolis system

System: Coriolis
GM: Paul Mazumdar
Number of players: 5
Notes: Age 13+ (mild peril, supernatural threat)
Safety tools: X card, open table


Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong and in the most entertaining way possible! Fiasco is a Coen Brothers movie emulator, featuring characters with powerful ambitions and poor impulse control, all of whom will likely meet an unpleasant end.

System: Fiasco
GM: James Mullen
Number of players: 4
Content: Bad language, adult situations, unpleasant people, 18+ Only.
Players create the story through play, without a scenario, so it is important to be comfortable with improv storytelling

Knight of Camelot! Curse Quest!

The Head of Light Entertainment believes that the old Camelot thing is due another go-round. Unfortunately, there’s not much of a drama budget left just now - but if he can pitch the show as educational, he can not only raid the schools budget, but he can bring reenactors on board instead of those silly actors.

So - you'll be reenacting a knight and retinue going on a quest. And you’d better do it right, or the Head of Light Entertainment will be very unhappy.

System: Monty Python’s Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme
GM: Phil Masters
Number of players: 5

House of Spell Cards

You are the whips of the ruling Anvil Party on the night of the crucial vote on the tiefling emancipation bill. You have just been informed that several of your MPs are missing denying you a majority. You’ve been called to your bosses office to discuss. The adventure opens as you enter the room….

A mixture of combat, puzzle and social interaction for Level 5 characters. The only DnD one shot based on the catholic emancipation bill and HS2.

System: D&D 5e
GM: Rory Megginson
Number of players: 5
Notes: I did run this last year and the puzzle is the same if anyone was planning to play again.

Time Becomes a Narrow Door

10,187 AG. You are members of a House Nagara, a House Minor, managing the spice trade for the ruling House Harkonnen. Lady Nayeli of the allied House Mascaro comes asking for help. Her son, Renshu came to Arrakis on House business a few months ago and fell into the clutches of a local cult. She asks that you rescue him and bring him home.

What could be simpler?

System: Dune (2d20)
GM: Neil Smith
Number of players: 5
Notes: X-card, 15 rating.

The Long Road Home

This is a narrative game currently on kickstarter. You play friends returning home after an epic quest, recounting the journey and the challenges you faced along the way - and at your homecoming you discover whether the hopes and dreams you left behind have survived.

System: An indie story game
GM: Alex White
Number of players: 5
Notes: X-card and other safety tools are used.

The Recycled Boy

This is an introductory Mystery designed to be played with pre-generated Kids from the Tales of the Loop starter set. Based on the sci-fi art of Simon Stålenhag of an alternate 1980s Swedish suburbia, populated by fantastic machines and strange beasts.

What if your friend suddenly isn’t himself anymore? What if he accuses you of wanting to hurt him? And what if he disappears and strange things start to happen all around you?

System: Tales From The Loop
GM: Fabio Vollono
Number of players: 5

Evening Games (7.30pm-11pm)

Escape from Dino Island

Your group of everyday people are brave and competent, but you're in way over your heads. You thought you had a simple mission, but now you're trapped on a mysterious island. There may be a way out, but first you're going to have to overcome some significant obstacles. And if that wasn't bad enough, the island is overrun by dinosaurs!

A game of action, adventure and survival.

System: Escape from Dino Island (PBTA)
GM: Sue Savage
Number of players: 4
Notes: All ages

Alien - A Perfect Organism

It is 2180. It is several months since the events on LV-426 that resulted in the atmosphere processor exploding and the loss of Hadley’s Hope. Shortly after, the Sulaco went missing. The Colonial Marines, Interstellar Commerce Commission and Weyland-Yutani are all conducting investigations.

Someone, somewhere, knows what’s going on. You will find out and are travelling to LV-426 to visit an orbital Radiation monitoring station set up there by Weyland Yutani.

This game involves conflicting agendas which all PCs are part of.

System: Alien RPG
GM: Robin Poole
Number of players: 5
Content Warnings: Conflicting Agendas, Gore, Violence
Additional Safety Tools: Script Change