Allocating games to players is by sign-up sheets on the day, but with a staggered call to sign up. This should prevent unpleasant, jostling crowds around the sheets while also not penalising those who can't get to the venue at the crack of dawn.

  • Everyone gets a tombola ticket (sealed) when they arrive.
  • Signup sheets go out as-and-when, but without player names on them. This gives people a chance to see what's on offer and decide on preferences.

Keep your ticket! You'll use the same number for all three slots.

Twenty minutes before the game slot starts, we start allocating people in waves.

  • We call out a digit. If your ticket ends with that digit, you get to sign up in that wave.
  • Repeat until everyone's in a game.

If groups of two or more people want to get into the same game, pick one person to represent the group. When that person's number comes up, they can sign up everyone in the group.

We'll use this system for all three slots.

Whatever the calling order happens to be in the morning (e.g. ABCDEFGHIJ), signups will be in reverse order for the afternoon (e.g. JIHGFEDCBA). The evening games will be called in a completely different order (e.g. EFDGCHBIAJ). This should insulate people from the bad luck of getting to sign up last for all slots.

We also want to help newbies and under-18s, and reward GMs. Every newbie and under-18 will get one Golden Ticket. Every GM with a game listed below will also get a Golden Ticket. (Only one ticket per person for the day.) The Golden ticket allows the holder to jump to the front of the queue and get first dibs.

In any case, every newbie and under-18 will, in every slot, be able to take a buddy with them when they sign up.