Prepare your dice!

Prepare your dice!

With Concrete Cow just over a day away, there's been a flurry of new game submissions. Check out the games page for the incredible selection on offer - everything from D&D 5e to games not even out of Kickstarter!

We're delighted to once again welcome Leisure Games, who will be bringing their popup RPG shop to cater to all your shopping needs.

If you're planning on GMing, remember to bring your sign-up sheet! You can download a template or create your own custom sheet. We'll have a few blank sheets available on the day, but if you want to be sure of having a sheet, bring your own.

And if you're sticking around until Sunday, a few of us will be meeting up at the National Film and Sci-Fi Museum at 11am on Sunday for some extra geeky fun.

And that's all from us until Saturday. See you there!