Ready your dice!

Ready your dice!

It's just a few days until Concrete Cow 23.5 and the schedule is looking great - take a look at what's on offer. And remember there'll be even more on the day.


If you're planning on GMing, remember to bring your sign-up sheet! You can download a template or create your own custom sheet. We'll have a few blank sheets available on the day, but if you want to be sure of having a sheet, bring your own.


We're delighted that Leisure Games will be joining us again, with a wide variety of RPGs for sale.


As far as we know, there are no strikes or engineering works planned for the weekend, so hopefully the trains will all be running as planned. If you need a reminder of how to find us, take a look at the Venue page.

And that's all from us until Saturday. See you there!